Rising energy prices, ever-increasing CO₂ taxes, and the growing responsibility companies are expected to assume towards climate protection – the challenges of economically running a business are constantly growing.

Therefore, the Austrian company BRIDGE Energy has dedicated itself to developing products for optimizing energy and resources. To permanently cut electricity costs, reduce CO₂ emissions and ease the burden on power grids.
The result is the BEPIPE and BEGO products. While BEPIPE helps achieve permanent electricity savings of between 6 and 18%, BEGO compensates for electricity peaks.

You are expecting:

  • Comprehensive consulting
  • Cooperation with scientific institutions
  • Customized solutions

Advantages BEPIPE

  • 6 – 18 % electricity saving
  • Reduction of reactive power
  • 0.45 kg CO₂ reduction per kW/h saved.
  • Easy installation
  • Relief for the power grids

Bridge Energy products are:



Energy Efficient

Environmentally friendly