About us

He is an entrepreneur by passion. His passion drives him. His flair for trends and innovations is his gift: Michael Davidson. The self-made businessman is the founder and managing director of Bridge Group. He founded the company in 1997, focusing on trading goods of all kinds. Over the years, the company’s fields have expanded to include real estate, investment, technology and energy-efficient solutions.

In 2021, Davidson became president of the European Interest Grouping Trade-Commercial Industry (EIVHGI) Vienna and Lower Austria. This role also includes the position of EIVHGI Ambassador to the United Nations and international organizations.

With his family business, Davidson is always focused on current market trends, future developments and customer needs. The flexibility and speed to react to new circumstances contribute to the company’s success, just like the drive to pioneer in many areas.

The visionary unites different companies under the umbrella brand Bridge Group: HB Medical GmbH, 3T International GmbH, MOOONS Immobilien GmbH, Bergner Group, SHADA Group, Bridge Energy GmbH and PersonaliQa. In addition, he holds shares in numerous companies, such as MediFAM.

New projects are already being planned and implemented.

As different as the fields of activity of the various companies are, one thing always remains the same: the motto, Share to multiply®.


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